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About Ironwood Recorders

A Journey From The Toolshed

Ironwood Recorders started out in the toolshed of a country home in the small town of Yucaipa, CA by Brandon Cooke. After spending his youth recording local bands and tinkering with recording electronics, Brandon moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing his career in music production and session drumming. After years of hopping around different studios and touring, Ironwood Recorders finally found a long awaited home in Pasadena, CA. Here Brandon was finally able to have a place to store all of his weird customized recording equipment and instruments that he had been hoarding in friend's garages for all of these years (he really does have a problem... we're trying to get him help on that Hoarders show...) Which now brings us to today! We have our own little slice of studio heaven here in sunny Southern California that we are able to work tirelessly out of of... Who knows?? Maybe you'll be the next person that keeps us working tirelessly in our little den of gargantuan sound!... Only time will tell...

About: Recent Work
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