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Mission For Education

Here at Ironwood Recorders, we believe that one of the greatest gifts in this life is the gift of knowledge. The gift of learning and the gift of sharing knowledge. We realize that the craft of music, as well as production, is a a skill that is honed over many hours of practice, trial, error, and receiving teachings from those who are willing to pass on their knowledge. We've been very fortunate to learn from some incredible masters of their trade and would love to share our knowledge with you. If you are feeling called to hone your skills on drums, or pick up the sticks for the first time. We would be overjoyed to share the love and gift of percussion with you either remotely via online classes, or for those of you in the Los Angeles area, with in-person lessons. If you would like to learn more tips and tricks about production, mixing, or recording theory, either for setting up your own home studio or honing your skill sets for a career in the audio field.. we would love to share what we know.
All lessons for instruments, or production, can be done either remotely or in person. If you are feeling called to start your musical journey with an instrument, or refine your already growing skills, please contact us for a lesson from one of our incredible teachers in your instrument of choice, or skill you wish to learn more in.

Education: Discography
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