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Remote Sessions

Record A Session Musician From Your Couch

One of the great joys of living and gigging for years in Los Angeles is meeting all the incredible musicians we have in our great city! People who have spent their lives perfecting their tone and their craft to lend the perfect warm sonic blanket over any tune..
Next time those programmed drums just aren't cutting it... you have that clear sonic vision of that specific guitar tone... you want beautiful background harmonies to layer the hook on your song... or are in need of different instruments from around the world that are hard to come by.. Reach out and let us know how our phone book of incredibly talented musicians and friends, of all genres and of all instruments and styles, can help add their sonic element to fit your tune.
It's as easy as sending us a demo of your song and then let us handle all of the calls and recording to get that right player and sound on your next song or album at an affordable rate that fits your budget.. all from the comfort of your own couch.. yes it is that easy!
Contact us today with what instrument and style you need tracked and we'll send it to you!

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